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Hello! I'm a new graduate RN and have been searching for my first RN job since I graduated in May of this year. I've applied in just about every single state with not much luck so far, and I'm starting to get extremely... Read More

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    Good news! You dont have to have a ND license to apply! You have the have passed the NCLEX and hold a license in another state though.

    I think the housing market is finally catching up to the oil boom! It is not nearly as difficult to find housing as it was when I moved here 3 years ago. Id say about 2 weeks of searching. The average apartment is $800-$900/mo with a range anywhere from $600-$1500/mo! The best place to start is with the nurse recruiters, they can point you in the right direction and help you find good, affordable housing another out of state nurse roommate if needed!

    Hope to see you coming our way!
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    Oh awesome! That is good to hear! I will start looking for some places and start applying!
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    Thank you for the update, tmbeede!

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