MedCenter One College of Nursing? Bismark, ND

  1. 0 Anyone ever heard of MedCenter One College of Nursing?T

    The school is in Bismark, ND

    Hear is a link-

    Anyone have the 411?
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    I graduated from there in 1992.

    was an EXCELLENT program. Great clinicals,etc.

    Ask away........
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    BTW it is Bismarck, ND (there is a "C" in Bismarck)
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    I never heard from you.

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    Hi Otessa,
    I am curious about attending Med One Center of Nursing and was wondering how competitive admissions are?

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    The admission process was pretty competitive even back in 1990 when I applied. They had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX this past year and have a higher than average pass rate anyway.

    the website Look for the college of nursing portion of the website. This is a college of nursing that is a hospital based program. The whole system has been recognized as Magnet so your clinicals would be at Magnet -recognized sites as well.

    Good luck.
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