Anyone work at Altru? How is it?

  1. Hi there ND nurses. I'm wondering if anyone is working at Altru and if yes, do you like it? How is Grand Forks. I just moved here and am working at Altru. I start tomorrow.
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  3. by   Soriano43
    So how is it like moving to GF and working for Altru? How is the housing? I actually just got hired through a Skype interview but still contemplating if I should accept the offer. And advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. by   Soriano43
    I am looking to move there from another state. As a minority and a new grad, do you think I would have trouble adjusting to the community and the workload (I hear pt ration is 4-6) at Altru hospital? Unfortunately, I read that some out of towners had experienced racism towards them? I'd like to think that was in the past, but what is your input on it? Also, how are the benefits? How is the a availability for housing in Grand Fork and will the rate of $22.87 be enough to even afford it? I am really looking forward to starting a new life there, but I just don't want to regret my decision. Any advice from an experienced nurse that currently resides near the hospital would be very beneficial. Thanks
  5. by   Soriano43
    Sounds good! I've talked to a couple nurses from altru and they had nothing but good to say about the area/ hospital. Do you have any advice on housing and transition from being a new grad?
  6. by   Agame
    I will be starting as a new grad next month in Altru. Can you tell me how orientation is and how well new grads adapt to the environment in the hospital. I read on some post here about new grads having a bad experience during orientation in different hospitals, and how some even get fired. How great is the training in Altru, and does the Manager allow these new grads extra weeks of training if needed? Have you heard of any new grads being "let go" because they felt that they would never get it? Reading some of these post are really freaking me out. Please help a new grad out