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Hello AllNurses, I just discovered that WSSU has an ABSN program. I want to apply and get some feedback on the program from current or past students. I have a non-nursing BA my GPA was a 3.1. Do I stand a chance for entry into... Read More

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    Just joined this site after reading this feed! I was accepted into the ABSN starting in 2013 )) But no funding?? Really?? What do they expect us to do???
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    Has any accepted student received a call, letter or email from Baptist?
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    Hi ddwillard, erin jane 1, snickersnacker, eacasu12 I was also accepted to the program and I was wondering if anyone has found housing or is looking for a roommate, I'll be moving to NC from NYC.
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    Hey guys, for those of you that were accepted, do you mind giving some background info? GPA and grades in pre-reqs, undergrad major, work experience, ect? Looking to get an idea of they type of people they have accepted. Congrats to all! Hope to be there next year!
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    I'm in! I earned a degree in science ed and biology in 2006. All pre-reqs were earned prior to application and I had A's in them. I returned to take classes in 2012 and have taken a very rigorous schedule including Organic Chem I, II, and Lab, Medical Entomology, Molecular Diagnostics of Pathogens, etc. I also have conducted a good bit of independent research, worked as a high school science teacher, and director of a large veterinary facility. My cum. gpa is a 3.2 (was a 2.95 in first degrees (above 3.5 last 2 years) but been a 4.0 since returning to school this year).
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    Hello all,

    I have not read all of the comments yet but I know the previous class did this so I was thinking all of the people who are accepted into the class starting January 2013 could get together in a facebook group. I will create the group and post the link here.
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    (to create the group I need to add at least one friend to it so if one person can just tell me their name so that I can friend you and then create the group, thanks!)
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    Lauren Allen (my FB picture is me jumping a horse)
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    ahh i couldnt find you. my name is terri jo oliver.try to find me, my picture is just my face and i have blonde hair. perhaps my town would come up under my info and it is "Albemarle, NC" or University of North Carolina at Greensboro
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    you found me!

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