Winston-Salem State & NC Baptist Hospital Contract

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    I am looking at accelerated 2nd degree BSN programs in several states (I'm currently in MN). One of the programs that I am possibly interested in is Winston-Salem State. I saw on the website that if you accept admission to their program you must sign a contract to work at North Carolina Baptist Hospital for three years upon completion of your degree. I am curious to hear if anyone could offer any insight into Winston-Salem State or North Carolina Baptist Hospital or just the prudence of entering into such a contract. Any advice or opinions or info would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   studentmom2007
    My sister in law got her CRNA through a similar type of program at Moses Cone Hospital, and her tuition was mostly paid for through the program. If she left the hospital before her contract was up, she would have to pay them back. It's worked really well for her and I think she is now past her contract and she still works for the hospital.

    I live in Portland, OR and the University of Portland offers a program where the student's tuition is paid for and they must commit to 3 years at the hospital system that is affiliated with the school. They accept about 20 students for that program and the other 60 or so students in the class must find other ways of footing the $35,000 a year tuition!
  4. by   bradtmorgan
    The deal with the program is that you now interview with WFUBMC (Baptist Hospital) and they then decide whether they will fund you. If so you owe them what works out to be about 2.5 years. You don't have to be funded anymore to enter this program though. They are two separate entities at this point. If funded they pay for your tuition, books, and give you a $500 a month stipend as well. I'm currently in the N8 class that is set to graduate in Feb. 2010 if you have any more questions.
  5. by   nogames_justsports
    I have just interviewed at Wake for the funding, does anyone know what happens if I do not get the funding? Am I still eligible to proceed with the program at WSSU since I have been accepted? the only thing I'm not liking about this program is their neglect in giving us complete information of this process.
  6. by   bradtmorgan
    I feel your pain and unfortunately that is an annoying fact of life that will remain, even after acceptance. It's best to be as flexible as possible and grit your teeth and push through. It's true that now the acceptance into WSSU is a separate issue from being funded by WFUBMC. If you do get funded by the hospital then you will have your tuition, books and a $500/mo. stipend paid to you. If not than you will be expected to pay for tuition, and books, etc. Don't know why they stopped funding everyone but that's the way it stands. Currently there are about 6-8 students in our graduating class who are not funded and are completing the program anyways. Hope that helps and feel free to ask any other questions you may have.
  7. by   nogames_justsports
    thank you so much for the reply!! At least I know that I can still do the program even if I don't get the funding. Good luck to you upon graduation!!
  8. by   gdubb82
    Congrats no games just sports!!! I just had my interview today and I think it went pretty well but I am nervous b/c I don't know how they select candidates. I was under the impression they could fund all students as long as they met the criteria they were looking for in a future employee. By the way the HR lady said there are a total of 47 students in our class. If they only select 30 to receive the funding I wonder what criteria they will use??? I am so nervous, this funding is the main reason I wanted to attend WSSU. I hope as the months progress we learn new information on how everything works around there...Thank goodness for this site for vital info...

    Bradtmorgan hey there!!! Do you happen to know why the 6-8 students in your class did not get selected to receive funding? Have they shared that info with you? Thanks for all of your insight!!!
  9. by   nogames_justsports
    Thank you!! congrats to you as well!!! I know exactly what you mean, the funding was the main reason I applied as well but also to change careers so I guess I don't have a choicebut to take what I can get in as short amount of time that I can finish..17 people to "not get funded" seems like an awful lot of people not getting any funding. I was so excited about this program until I found all of this out, now I'm somewhat bummed because here we are waiting again to hear back. I also applied to the Chapel Hill program so if I get in there I guess I'll just have to compare (I live in Greensboro by the way).
    I just found the post that you guys were going back and forth, and I was so thankful to find someone else struggling with the stress of all this!!!!
    Thank you bradtmorgan!!! I read all of your info about the scheduling, and class times, I'm not quite as stressed about that part of it now. I took 4 classes during the summer to finish my prereq's - the accelerated program seems nothing compared to that summer schedule!! We hardly had time to keep up with the reading mustless study for the exams.
    Keep in touch if you hear anything soon!!!
  10. by   Spalding75
    Thanks to all for the informational posts concerning the Accelerated nursing program at WSSU. I am currently taking my prereqs at WSSU so I can apply to the program August 2010.
    Special thanks to you Bradtmorgan for all the info concerning the scheduling, classes, etc.. Good luck to you all!!
  11. by   nogames_justsports
    Hi spalding75 ! good luck to you!! If you need any info regarding your prereq's @ WSSU, please ask!! I took about half of my prereq's @ WSSU, and it was some kind of experience! Mainly regarding the administrative staff at WSSU...they are an absolute nightmare to deal with. But if you have any questions regarding the professors, classes etc. feel free to ask me!!
  12. by   Spalding75
    Hi Nogames_justsports. Thanks I really appreciate that. I am loving this website. I have found so many answers to my questions concerning the accelerated nursing program. Yes I must agree with you, taking these prereq's classes at WSSU has definitely been an experience to say the least. OMG, registration was a nightmare!!! I was almost ready to throw in the towel and give up but I am determined to make it and am not going to allow administration to deter me, you know. I have a question for you, do you have any study tips or advice concerning Anatomy & Physiology I. I'm currently taking A&P I and the professor doesn't give good reviews for exams. Our last exam he gave was so terrible that he had to curve the entire classes grades. We'll ask him for a review and he'll say study your chapter book, notes, quizzes.....heck that's everything. I was aiming for an A, now I'm being realistic and aiming for a high B.....
  13. by   Spalding75
    Hi nogames_justsports. You say you took 1/2 of your prereqs at WSSU, if you don't mind me asking, where did you take the other 1/2? Did you do take any online. I'm looking into taking some online like Chemistry & Life Span. The Chemistry class that I need is only offered during the day for Spring semester and I work 8-5, M-F. I saw where Forsyth Tech Community College offers Chem & Life Span both on line for Spring semester.

    Thanks again for your time.
  14. by   Jarnaes
    I received my BSN from WSSU. I truly enjoyed my time there, but like a previous poster stated, some the admin staff left a lot to be desired.
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