Where to live near Duke?

  1. I recently accepted a job at Duke University Hospital and I'm looking for advice on the best places to live. I am from out of state so I'm not familiar with the area at all. I'm looking for a very safe apartment with security and close to the hospital. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   BrenRN12
    I'm in the same boat. So far I've been using apartmentratings.com to help look at different apartments within the area and calling family friends for advice. I realized that there are great apartments a little further off if your willing to drive about 25 minutes. But if you want to be within walking distance, it seems that the apartments owned by ticon properties all seem to be pretty safe, close and affordable from what I checked. If you're looking for one-bedrooms they're quickly dwindling from what I've seen! Either way I hope that you find something to your liking before your start date!
  4. by   esf08001
    My start date isn't until July actually so i've got some time. I know the summer is a popular time to lease so I'd like to apply as soon as I can. I've also heard that the better places to live are not close to the hospital which is okay, I don't mind driving but I would like to stay within 15 min from the hospital.
  5. by   mmc51264
    Look in Cary, Apex and Morrisville. they are nice areas and not too far if you are driving. I had a friend that lived in Carrboro b.c he consulted at both UNC and Duke Don't know the area Orange Co./Hillsborough well.
  6. by   gallifrey
    I'm starting at Duke next month. I've been living in Durham for the past two years for nursing school, and I LOVE the neighborhood I'm in. I wasn't interested in living in an apartment (I always seem to live below herds of elephants), hence why I looked into housing. For those who might also want a house in a relatively safe and quiet neighborhood, try looking in Old West Durham, Watts-Hillandale, or maybe Tuscaloosa-Lakewood. If you use Zillow and search by zip code, 27705 has a bunch of charming old bungalows for rent.

    Hope that helps! Good luck, and feel free to message me if you want further details on the area surrounding Duke.
  7. by   goingtothedogs
    We moved to the triangle almost 3 years ago, and we actually looked for housing (rentals) on our own for a few days before becoming completely frustrated and contacted a realtor for help and found a great place lickety split!! We also used her as our realtor when we purchased our house the next year, after we were comfortable with the area. (she even remembered that I has wanted an old, charming home-- laughing when I selected a newer home, 'what about the charming, old, historic stuff??') If you would like her contact info, or suggestions, please feel free to message me!!! It really took a huge weight off of our shoulders to have someone who knew what we wanted, and who also knew the area, on our side!!!
  8. by   ahobso01
    I'm starting in January at Duke University Hospital. I am moving from New Jersey and have heard so many different things about where to live. I also have heard that parking can be pricey and frustrating around Duke. Are there any reasonably priced apartments near the hospital (walking/ biking) distance?
  9. by   Imagine720
    hey goingtothedogs,

    I'm moving to Durham in the next few months...can you tell me who you used as a realtor? Any info on different areas and renting before buying would be helpful.

    (not sure how to PM you, lol)