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Has anyone here graduated from Western Carolina's ABSN program or are currently enrolled? I would love to hear feedback about things like the interview process, financial aid, curriculum, faculty, and student housing. Any... Read More

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    That's really sad.. I really have my heart set on the program. The traditional route isn't really an option for me since I already have a Bachelor's. I've never heard anyone say that students aren't prepared coming out of the program.. Did you go through the program yourself?

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    I haven't heard that students weren't prepared. But Like a anonymous said, the pass rate and quality of nurses they produce are a reflection of the students they accept who are usually exceptional folks. The VA side of the program was really the best. And there was truly no exaggeration when anonymous said "not the brightest crayons" You should check out other accelerated programs. There are quite a bit out there although you would have to consider other states. Good luck!
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    I've heard the location is a bonus with WCU, but worry about the academics suffering because teachers and students don't come for the academics as much as the mountains.
    Has anyone found this to be true?
    How does it compare to say, East TN State, or Oregon Health and Science?

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    I just interviewed for the FNP fall 2013, and I felt the exact same way you did during your interview. "the officials had a somewhat condescending tone..." They asked me if I had shadowed a local FNP and that I should to decide if this was something I really wanted to do!! I've been a nurse for 14 years and have had experience with primary care providers... I left wondering if I was making a mistake!
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    This is my first time posting to this forum. I went recently to meet for a second time with the director of WCU's ABSN program. (The first time was over a year ago.) I was dumbfounded both by her incredibly condescending tone and her bizarre lack of interest. I felt as though the entire meeting was not about communicating excitement about a great program she cares about but rather was about cutting anyone who sits across form her down to size. She actually told me (somewhat proudly) that more than one candidate has cried during the ABSN interview process. I think an interview should be challenging, but demeaning? I graduated cum laude with my undergraduate degree in Biology and have a Master's degree in another field. I lacked only four courses to apply to the ABSN and have spent the last six months taking three of them (while working full-time) and went to the meeting having registered for the fourth, which is only offered in the fall. (I made A's in all the classes I took this spring) The director encouraged me a year ago to take classes at community colleges, which I did. Now she tells me they are no longer accepting community college credit and I must re-take two of the four classes at Western. The classes I need from WCU to apply for spring admission are now filled up for the fall. I am flabbergasted not only by the months of wasted money and hard work, but by her bizarre tone and condescending behavior. I have been working towards this program for two years. Has anyone had a similar experience with WCU's administration? If this is the tone of their program I question whether I want to spend even the accelerated twelve months in it. I am a very hard worker, but I can't keep jumping through hoops that are moved and changed. Is there a better route if my final goal is FNP? Any suggestions are WELCOME! Thanks.

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