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Anyone attend Watts? I've been hearing it's pretty good, but would love to hear more input. Thanks!... Read More

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    Sounds good! don't wait too long for the other reference... I had the same issue and ended up finding an alternate... it would definitely help to use someone who knows you personally... I used an old teacher who was also a Watts alumni, a co-worker and an old boss... I would definitely get those in ASAP! b/c you still need to allow time for the background check which I was advised takes about 2 wks..Hopefully we'll be classmates in Jan! : )
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    Math is my weakness, so I was wondering is it nessecary to get the study guide now like I had planned to do. I'm going to register to test in December. Besides adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions, and turning fractions into %'s and vice versa is there any other math I need to study and be prepared for?
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    What are considered passing scores for the entrance exam? What is the lowest you can score, yet be passing scores?
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    Can anyone tell me what Math 121 is for MO for the Watts pre-req? When I checked classes for my community college Math 121 was Algebra/Trig. I know you dont have to have Trig for Nursing. We only have to have Basic and Intro to Algebra. Plus, can anyone answer this ?. I'm currentl registered to take A&P 1 in the Spring 11. I'm going to test for Watts in December. If everything goes well, and I get accepted I'm going for the June cohort. Will I get credit for the A&P 1? Or, will I have to take A&P at MO? Someone help me please Thanks in Advance!
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    Can anyone help me?!
    What class at Mt. Olive College fulfill the Human Growth and Development prerequisite course? Also, did any of you find the verbal/non-verbal part difficult....how was it exactly?

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    Are you allowed to use a calculator on the pre-admissions test?
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    You can't use a calculator but it's basic arithmatic such as fractions, percentages, and word problems... I suck at math but the key is to first answer what you know and come back to the ones that you're unsure about, if it takes you more than 15-20 seconds move on to the next as you are only allotted 30 minutes for the 1st section which includes 30 math, 30 spacial relationship, and 30 vocab questions. If you bomb it the first time don't get discouraged at least you'll be better prepared for the second attempt!
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    So would things like adding/subtracting fractions and turning decimals into percentages be on the exam?
    I take it in October and am so very nervous!>.<
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    Are any of you current Watts SON students? If so, what will our book load
    look like and do we need a laptop?
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    I just stumbled across this thread, and you all have given some great information!
    I am not able to PM yet, but I am still doing research regarding the best path for me. I will be getting my B.S. in Health Admin, but my background is in IT. I am seriously thinking of a second degree in Nursing, but trying to figure out the best plan for me. My dilemma is that we have 3 children (2 under the age of 5) and am wondering how we would be able to do it financially. We do not have any family around to help. :-(
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    Hi, I was just accepted today. I am scheduled to start my Mount Olive classes in May. Can I take those online? I have all the prereques for Watts so the classes I'm signed up for at Mount Olive are just random.