Watts School of Nursing June - page 732

Wanted to see who else is going to Watts (Mt Olive) starting in June. I just got my acceptance letter today! Wondering who my fellow classmates will be!... Read More

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    I need to go hiking too!!!!!!! Wait for me!!!!!!
    Last edit by Jeepinjed on Dec 31, '11

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    Yeah Keyna, you could be stuck with me!!!!!!
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    i don't like this new site!!!

    hey jeepy - holidays were good. we were in ohio and it was chilly!!!! glad to be home now. getting started on the annual dahnke NYE festivities...homemade sushi and a movie.

    hope everyone has a great, safe night. 2012 is going to be a wild one, i am sure!
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    Happy New Year!!!!!
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    wow, you guys are really really pushing me to FB
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    hey jeep! long time no see
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    hi jenni! yeah just hanging out here at allnurses all by myself...
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    awwwwwww, poor jeepy..................
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    you ought to get on fb......then you wouldn't be soooooooo lonely
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    sniff... i know, i know...

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