Watts School of Nursing June - page 729

Wanted to see who else is going to Watts (Mt Olive) starting in June. I just got my acceptance letter today! Wondering who my fellow classmates will be!... Read More

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    nah!!! my name is rumgirl yum. they will never find me!!!

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    Why am I a well-known and not an advocate? Thats not fair.
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    A bunch of stuff got erased... so our total number of posts dropped by quite a bit!!!!
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    Wow!! Things are all weird here!!
    Jeep - Hope you had a great Christmas!! No FB yet, huh?? Are you getting excited, nervous....???
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    How do we get to the last page of postings?
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    I think up towards the top (not very top) it will say go to first unread.
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    Hi, Red!!! How's your holidays?
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    Christmas was great!! Gained waaaaayyy too much weight!!! Now I'm totally sick with a sinus infection and a cold. I don't think I'm a fan of this new allnurses sight. How was your xmas??? Ready for school? I'm so nervous...especially after finding out that 5 people didn't pass the first semester of Watts......yikes!!!
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    5 didn't pass??? Is that why we have five new people in our class?? Dang....makes me
    even more nervous!!
    We had a nice time in KS, but I brought home a cold and a few extra lbs too!!!
    Hope the uniform fits!
    Can't wait to see everyone again!
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    Just noticed that our number of individual posts disappeared?!?!

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