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Anyone attend Watts? I've been hearing it's pretty good, but would love to hear more input. Thanks!... Read More

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    Are any of you current Watts SON students? If so, what will our book load
    look like and do we need a laptop?

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    I just stumbled across this thread, and you all have given some great information!
    I am not able to PM yet, but I am still doing research regarding the best path for me. I will be getting my B.S. in Health Admin, but my background is in IT. I am seriously thinking of a second degree in Nursing, but trying to figure out the best plan for me. My dilemma is that we have 3 children (2 under the age of 5) and am wondering how we would be able to do it financially. We do not have any family around to help. :-(
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    Hi, I was just accepted today. I am scheduled to start my Mount Olive classes in May. Can I take those online? I have all the prereques for Watts so the classes I'm signed up for at Mount Olive are just random.

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