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  1. I am a level III NICU RN with 6 years experience wanting to relocate to NC from Michigan. Living in MI my whole life I have never been more than a short drive away from a major body of water so that is definatley a must when relocating. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as far as good hospitals to work at with NICUs in the eastern part of the state. I was thinking of Wilmington but I have read that the pay is low...how is it compared to the cost of living down there? My husband works in retail and currently is a car salesman so I'm hoping finding him a job wouldn't be too much of a struggle. We currently don't have children but would like to plan a family soon so living in an area that has good schools is importnat too. Also, how are hurricane conditions out that way? I have visited NC numerous times but it was usually the Outter Banks area. The summers are HOT and humid just like in MI but I'm really liking the idea of no snow!
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    I live in the Greenville area and work at a Trauma level 1 hospital. We are about 1-2hours from the beach. We are also the home of East Carolina University. I don't think the pay is bad and our cost of living isn't horrible considering the economy. We are the largest hospital east of Raleigh in the northeast region of NC. I have been here 7 years now and that is saying a lot for me since this is my longest position I have ever held as a nurse. And I do believe we are running in the black. I hope this helps.
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    Oh, we are also opening a brand new children's wing. This will raise our bed number to 1000!
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    Sounds like a great place!