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  1. I am currently a UNCG freshmen pre-nursing student. I know that it is difficult to get in to the nursing program(BSN) at uncg. That is my first option. But if I do not get in to the program at UNCG I would like to have a back up plan and apply to other BSN programs. What are some other school that I could apply to?
    Will they accept all my credits?
    Any information on this would be really great I have no idea where to start looking or if I could even apply to other programs in the first place.
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  3. by   dane2010
    knspivey--there's not much information out there for UNCG on all nurses and I remember how nervous I was having so little info so I'll share with you what I know.

    If you're a first degree student and UNCG is the only school you've attended (and you're a sophomore when you apply) then you are a "priority student." My advisor told me that the priority students must maintain a 3.5 undergrad GPA, and then you also must make a B- or above in NUR 210 and NUR 220 (all of this info can be found online). My advisor also told me that this cohort, 60 priority students were accepted, which left about 30 spots for the second-degree/transfer/non-priority students. It's very easy to not do well in NUR 210, even though the information is not terribly difficult, you have to understand the question format (they start prepping you to take the NCLEX in this class!) I would definitely get a tutor for NUR 210. I'm a very good student and got a B- on my first exam (after not being tutored) and on my second (after tutoring), my score went up 10 points.

    YES!! you CAN apply to other schools! I'm not sure why people think they can't, but yes, you can. Some other schools are UNC-Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Appalachian, Wilmington, ECU, A&T, WSSU, other state universities I'm forgetting, and then community colleges of course. Do your credits transfer? You'll have to research that yourself, but it is not difficult information to find. I applied to 3 different schools, all where I was eligible...the searching took awhile, but if this is what you're passionate about, it should not be an agonizing thing to do.

    Wow this was a lot of information. Hope it helps. Let me know if you want any more questions answered!