UNCC acceptance letter, Fall 2011

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letter for the BSN program- UNCC, Fall 2011. Thanks.
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    I received mines on Friday through an email by ******. Let me know if you got in bc I'm anxious to meet my new classmates. Good luck!
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    Sorry about the personal name. I'm new to this site lol
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    Congratulations! Did you do your pre-nursing there?
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    Yes I am taking the last of my pre-reqs there this semester. Did you apply for fall 2011?
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    Yes, I did apply for fall 2011. I did not do my prereqs there, so I am nervous. I have a 3.93 gpa. I hope that is enough.
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    Well your gpa is great! Make sure you check your email bc everybody here at uncc already knows if they got in or not. It seems like you have a good chance especially if you have the 50+hrs of patient care hrs.
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    Hi again. I regret to say I did not do any patient hours. I barely got my CNA in time. Do you know how many have been accepted from UNCC?
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    50 have been accepted and 10 are put on the waitlist.
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    Quote from Pha_deeuncc
    50 have been accepted and 10 are put on the waitlist.
    Hey pha_deeuncc and cbrush, I was wondering what your gpa was when you got accepted and if you applied from pre nursing or not? I'm currently a student at CPCC and i'm planning on finishing my pre-reqs this year and applying to upper division nursing fall 2014.. I'm wondering what my chances of getting in are, like what a competitive gpa would be and what not. I'm nervous about applying because I haven't done any pre-reqs at UNCC, is that a big factor to them? I plan to find a job as a CNA so I can have the 50 hours of direct patient care.

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