UNC ABSN Spring 2012 Applicants?

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    Just taking a chance to see if there are any other applicants to UNC's Spring 2012 ABSN. There hasn't been a lot of activity on here from UNC applicants, but since we have about a month left I thought we could all get together and be nervous together!

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    No word yet! I'm hoping we hear the second week of October (or sooner). I wasn't too nervous until I heard about the budget cuts...yikes!
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    decisions are up on myunc
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    how'd everyone do? i'm waitlisted...more waiting, here i come! :/
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    in anyone else in? sorry ceb this is my second time applying if that makes you feel any better!
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    congrats KCbaby57! If you don't mind my asking, when do you have to reply to UNC by?

    I don't mind waiting (at least wait listed is better than rejected, there's still a chance), but it sure would be nice to know when I may start to hear something else from UNC.
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    we have to reply by october 24th, and orientation is nov 2nd. sounds like you will know your "fate" soon! good luck i really hope it works out for you!
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    Congrats to all who have been accepted. We have a group on FB called Carolina ABSN Class of 2013. You are more than welcome to join. (There is also a page with the same name, we run that one too, but use the group more because its private). We have posted questions, found information and there are a person or two who is looking for a roommate. Join so we can help y'all with questions you may have that we can help you with. Congrats on getting in and best wishes to those wait listed. Keep the faith
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    ceb2784, keep in mind that you may be asked to join all the way up to the first day of school (thats what i've heard, not too sure though). I do hope you hear the good news soon!!!!
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    amisadai, can you post the link to the facebook page? i can't find it!

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