UNC ABSN 2013 - page 6

Hi, just wondering if anyone else is waiting to hear back for admission to UNC's ABSN this january. We can keep our fingers crossed together! This is my 2nd time applying to their ABSN program, I... Read More

  1. by   WolfpackMommy
    Did anyone who got accepted have a C in any class?
  2. by   maoldha
    The lowest grade I had for any of the prerequisites was a B+....but yes, I have a couple past C's and a D on my complete transcript.
  3. by   Bedda4
    I also had a couple C's on my transcript. For my prerequisites my lowest was a B in A and P II and a B+ in Micro.
  4. by   mags83
    Has anyone who was accepted had their MyUNC updated? The letter said it should be done by today, and just wondering if they haven't updated any accounts or if I should contact them. Thanks!!
  5. by   tarheelsr
    Mine is not updated either
  6. by   unctarheel
    Hey Everyone! I called and they said it could be as late as tomorrow morning before our decisions are in MyUNC. It has something to do with the Undergraduate admissions office posting our decisions and then the system updating tonight. I was told to call the main Undergraduate admissions office on Monday if my decision wasn't up this weekend.
  7. by   interestedinabsn
    Has anyone on the waitlist been called yet?
    Has anyone declined his/her offer?
    I might decline my offer today.
  8. by   uncalum
    Still wait listed
  9. by   WolfpackMommy
    My BFF got wait listed and got an offer a few weeks ago. It was a quick turn around time to let them know her decision. Fingers still crossed that I get off the waitlist!
  10. by   WolfpackMommy
    If you don't mind me asking, why might you decline?
  11. by   interestedinabsn
    Quote from WolfpackMommy
    If you don't mind me asking, why might you decline?
    I accepted an offer in another school