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Hi, just wondering if anyone else is waiting to hear back for admission to UNC's ABSN this january. We can keep our fingers crossed together! This is my 2nd time applying to their ABSN program, I got waitlisted last time, so... Read More

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    I received this response from the SON this afternoon,
    "Admissions letters were mailed yesterday morning, so you should receive yours very soon. It will take a bit more time for your decision to appear on your MyUNC portal, but this is not indicative of anything negative. You should receive your letter within the next day or so. Hang in there!"
    Not really anything new, I suppose, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Hopefully the letters will get to us tomorrow!

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    Hopefully we will know very soon!
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    I got wait listed too! I am thinking that if your status hasn't been updated, it probably means you got in! Yay! Congratulations to all that did, and to those who didn't, don't give up! I know a lot of very qualified people that didn't get in their first time, so don't hang your heads : ) Good luck to all! : )
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    I got my acceptance package today in the mail and am very excited! MyUNC has not been updated yet for me...just fyi.
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    Got my acceptance package in the mail today!! Woo hoo!
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    What area do you guys live in? I still haven't received a letter or anything and I live in Chapel Hill
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    I live in Durham. Don't worry--I am sure the letter is on its way!
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    Yeah, my mail is going to High Point and it didn't come today either. I'm sure it'll get to us tomorrow :-) It is odd that it didn't get to you in Chapel Hill, though!
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    i got in too! so excited, and my status is still not updated on myunc either. congrats to everyone! and don't give up I definitely tried and tried! Apparently the class I had a C in (statistics) and retook this time around made all the difference. looking forward to meeting you all eventually!
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    I got in!!!!! This was my second time applying, but the first time was for the BSN starting this past May. Sooooo freaking excited!

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