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Hi, just wondering if anyone else is waiting to hear back for admission to UNC's ABSN this january. We can keep our fingers crossed together! This is my 2nd time applying to their ABSN program, I... Read More

  1. by   tscarlette
    Your decision was up elise87?
  2. by   elise87
    Quote from tscarlette
    Your decision was up elise87?
    Yep it was
  3. by   WolfpackMommy
    I got wait listed too
  4. by   interestedinabsn
    Has anybody been accepted yet on this blog?
  5. by   cat.lady
    my status hasn't changed either
  6. by   tscarlette
    Has anyone heard anything today?
  7. by   maoldha
    I've been stalking this board, but the first time I've posted...and I'm going to go insane if they don't post it soon! :-/
  8. by   interestedinabsn
    I have been told that if your status has not changed, then you might have a positive decision since those ones are being handled by the admissions office directly hence the delay.
  9. by   WolfpackMommy
    For those accepted, please post! I want to know what the deadline is for you to make your decision so I can have an idea of when they may start letting waitlist people in.. Oh, and if you do get accepted, feel free to decline so maybe I have a better shot (jk)
  10. by   maoldha
    I would love to post news...I hope that not hearing does mean we've been accepted, but I'm holding my breath!
  11. by   interestedinabsn
    If anyone lives in the Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill area and receives a letter today, please let us know. Also if any current student has personally picked up his/her acceptance letter, please let us know.
  12. by   maoldha
    I received this response from the SON this afternoon,
    "Admissions letters were mailed yesterday morning, so you should receive yours very soon. It will take a bit more time for your decision to appear on your MyUNC portal, but this is not indicative of anything negative. You should receive your letter within the next day or so. Hang in there!"
    Not really anything new, I suppose, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Hopefully the letters will get to us tomorrow!

  13. by   tscarlette
    Hopefully we will know very soon!