Trident Technical College Merit Placement.

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    Hello All,

    I got accepted into TTC Fall 2013 nursing program. I am going to apply for the merit placement for Spring 2013 and I just wanted to know if anyone has ever applied for it, and how many points they had to get in. And if anyone knows about how many people they accept for the merit. Also has anyone just had them move there start date early without doing anything, a girl I was in class with said that they sent her a letter to move her date up. Thanks

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    How do you like the program? Any advice? I start in the Fall
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    @khalil's mommy
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    I like it! Its hard but so far not as hard as I've heard! 159 sounds terrible tho. Just don't work full time.
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    @jnlaw It's overwhelming, I like learning the new stuff, but like Kirsten said it would be hard to work full time, I work part time and its a lot.
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    @kristen312 and Khalilsmommy, I don't plan on working so hopefully that will help. I finished all of my prerequisite so ill must have the nursing courses to do. Was the dosage exam hard or did you all just take the class? If I pass the test I will only have Nur 102, 105 and 104 this semester. I think those are the classes. Pharmacology, basic nursing skills and then Nur 104. If you all weren't from Charleston where did you find reasonable housing ? Sorry I have so many questions.
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    I'm so glad I found a thread about ttc. I got accepted into fall 2014. Did anybody here actually use merit placement? How did it work out for you?
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    @mskrisRN2b. I used the merit program and got right in. I was initially suppose to start Spring 2014 but was accepted to start earlier. Did you apply for the merit program?
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    @ mskrisRN2B, I got in through the merit placement. I believe the merit placement is offered twice a year, for both Fall and Spring semesters. I think the merit is available in June, or July to start the Spring ADN program. To be sure, continuously check the nursing website and go to merit placement, and check their scheduled dates, but the past merit date may still be up until summer. Good luck!
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    I was told I can't apply for merit placement until fall of 2013. I'm ready my advisor told me that it's first come first serve so I'm putting in my application as soon as it opens. I'm praying for spring '14. I really don't want to wait another year seeing as I'm finished with all my classes

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