Is there a NA I to NA II Bridge Program in North Carolina?

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    Hey yall I am a high school senior right now interested in a career in nursing for my future. However right now, I am currently thinking about taking the test to become an NA I and applying for a job so I can gain some experience and earn some money at the same time. I know that there are bridge programs for RNs with ADNs wishing to get a BSN; and also bridge programs for LPNs wishing to get an ADN to become an RN. So, I was wondering if there is a bridge program in NC for an NA I to become an NA II without having to be admitted into a nursing school? (Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I've noticed it seems like you have to be admitted into a nursing program to become a NA II?) I would appreciate any help, Thanks!

    P.S. I live in Greenville, NC
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    There is no "bridge" program but there are NA II courses. Just look around. I think Careone in Raleigh has one and Thomas HealthCare might have one. Also check out Healthcore Resources Inc in Raleigh.
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    Thank You
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    no, you don't have to be admitted into a nursing program to get your CNA II, you just have to have your CNA I of course. Central Carolina Community College has a CNA II program through their continuing education department that is a "hybrid". That means that the majority of the course is offered online and you may only have to go to the campus once or twice during the course. Hope this helps!