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Stanly Community College Fall 2012 Nursing Students - page 2

Hello...just looking to meet more SCC nursing students!!! I know it has to be more than the two I've recently come across on here! :))) Looking forward to classes starting in the fall.... Read More

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    I paid like $55 in Cabarrus County at one of the Red Cross offices. It's for adults/kids and it's good for 2 years.
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    Has anyone received any correspondence from Stanly...other than the initial acceptance letter?
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    I haven't received any other correspondence. I'm patiently waiting. I'm curious of the class schedule and what semester we'll actually start clinicals. Do you know of any other accepted nursing students in our class? I'm shocked that we haven't come across more on allnurses.
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    I know this is really old and you are already in the nursing program at Stanly. I am considering doing the RT program or nursing program at Stanley and I am suck between the two. Why did you make the choice to leave RT and try Nursing? I know this might be personal buy was it pay, schedule I have the general Ed's for both programs but I am stuck maybe you can help me I live in charlotte also.Thank you,Sheena