Shift Differentials for UNC vs. Duke Hospitals??

  1. 0 I've heard that UNC offers excellent shift differentials, but I'm not too sure that I can believe what I hear. A nurse at UNC told me that they pay an $18 /hr shift differential for weekend nights??! And she's a new grad. Can that be right? The most I've heard for weekend nights is $5/hr in NC. Can anyone validate what I've been told? Also, does anyone know what the differentials are at Duke? Thanks!
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    I just left UNCH. The stories you hear about the huge shift diffs at UNC are true. More or less. What they may have left out is that the diffs there are by what they call pay plans. Each pay plan is a bit different, and there are limited numbers of most of them. They vary inrequirements, and are somewhat complicated. My expectation is to see them eliminated in the not too distant future. But for now, they DO offer VERY attractive differentials... some of the highest I have ever seen. Call Karen in nursing recruitment and she can give you to full details. She is thte Director of nursing recruitment. Good luck.

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