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Question about entrance exam @ Watt's

  1. 0 I am new to this and I just have a question regarding the Watt's entrance exam. I am studying my butt off, but math is NOT my thing. I was they allow scratch paper while you are taking the math section of the exam?? I hope so, some of these problems in the Peterson's prep guide are hard to do in MY head. haha
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    Yes, plenty of scratch paper... i didn't do well on the math portion, but good enough to get in... Good luck!!!!
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    Skip the questions that will take too long to figure out. I skipped most of the math and still passed.
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    Thanks, that is GREAT to know! Phew!! I'm so glad I found this site...there are so many helpful people on here. What a great resource!! Thanks for the good luck, I'm gonna need it! Congrats on getting in!
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    I concur - if you read the question and have to think about it - move on. Same for the whole test. Do what you can and keep moving!
    Good luck!
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    I'm taking the exam in October and am so nervous as well! I graduated from High School in June and i'm hoping to get into the January classes or just even get into Watts itself! Good luck!
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    Thanks RiceChai! Good luck to you also!!