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Hello! I've been accepted to WSSU's ABSN program starting in January 2012. Let's get this party started! Where is everyone from? Anyone commuting? From where? Hopes? Fears? Dreams? We will be undergoing a tremendous... Read More

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    I'm sorry to hear that. Did they give you a reason why?

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    I think a Facebook group would be awesome. Any ideas on how to do it. I guess someone would have to create a facebook page for the Accelerated program... I can do it if everyone would be okay with that?? I could go ahead and create it and get it going before Jan.
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    There's a "create a group" option under "Groups" on the left hand side when you sign in. I can't make it, as I haven't told work yet...I will join in late December
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    I tried to make it but it said that you have to have a friend or if any one wants to pm me their info I can add you on Facebook and then make the group.
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    OK!! Thanks to my good buddy Monster41 I got the Facebook group up! Here's the link and the group name is WSSU Accelerated Class of 2013. I made it a closed group so that our comments/documents and what not are private to just us. So, I look forward to seeing you all on Facebook and in January!!
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    Great! Thanks y'all
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    Congrats to all that were accepted. I'm thinking of applying for 2013, I have one more pre req to take. I'm trying to figure out how I can make this work out since this is an accelerated program and you can't work. How are you all going to afford not working for a year? Did you just save up alot of money first and plan to live off savings for 13 months?
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    Some students that are accepted in the ABSN are funded by Baptist Hospital. Once you are accepted in the program Baptist will set up an interview, if you get funded they pay for tuition, books and give you a monthly stipend. Also, some are able to work part time during the program. Good luck!
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    What form did our orientation schedule come in? I thought it was in email, but I can't find it. I just moved from Raleigh today, and everything is a little scattered. If someone doesn't mind sending me the schedule, I would greatly appreciate it: Thank you!!
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    Hello all,
    Those of you that are going through the program beginning January 2012, please continue to post about your experiences and any useful information for those of us wishing to enter the program next year. I plan to apply this August for 2013 and would love to know what your schedule is like and how you manage as you go through the program. Thanks and goodluck to you all!

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