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Hello! I've been accepted to WSSU's ABSN program starting in January 2012. Let's get this party started! Where is everyone from? Anyone commuting? From where? Hopes? Fears? Dreams? We will be undergoing a tremendous... Read More

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    Does anyone have any idea when we are going to find out if we are funded??
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    I hope before Thanksgiving...but I am not sure at all.
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    I was investigating some old threads and the last class found out on Dec. 10.
    The interviewer said around thanksgiving. The wait is killing me!!
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    just a thought...i've seen other threads that talked about creating a Facebook group so that members of the class could communicate and talk, especially late at night when were up pulling our hair out :lol: Anyone favor this idea or think it's a bad idea?
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    Sounds like a good idea to me.
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    good idea, bug. i'm all for it
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    CHECK YOUR EMAILS!!!! I got my acceptance email today!!!!woop whoop!!!
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    Just found out that I'm being funded!!!! Hope everyone finds out soon.
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    I got the email yesterday, so exciting Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!
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    I didn't get funded, but congratulations to you all. I am still excited for January.

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