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  1. 0 I've been reading a lot of posts the last few days. I have been getting mixed reviews of the Pace 1 year BSN CDP and I am hoping to get some feedback from current students & applying students. I also want to know if anyone who has applied for the Spring 2011 semester has gotten their letter of acceptance yet.

    I have not heard back from Pace yet; i only recently got a letter from them asking for a transcript so i am assuming they are in the process of reviewing applications. I am getting a little nervous though because many people have been saying how disorganized and tough the program is. Every nursing program is hard, but i certainly do not want to fail out and throw all my hard work down the drain. My GPA is 3.6; verbal 510; math 580. A for API. Taking AP2 & Microbiology now and i will have it completed in December.
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    oops... im new at this and posted this for the wrong region! should be for NY.... NOT NC.

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