Nursing School Options?

  1. Hello All!

    I'm moving to Pinehurst, NC in about a week and looking for a new job. I graduated last year from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Health Information Management and now that I'm looking for a new job I am seriously wanting to get a degree in nursing. Several people have told me to look into an accelerated BSN program but I actually don't have the main pre-reqs they require (chemistry, human devl. psychology, and some others). To get through undergrad I mainly took out loans so I am WAY in debt right now. I thought maybe getting an associate's nursing degree at a community college would be cheaper.

    I applied to Sandhills CC and got in to the college but they did not receive my transcripts in time to register for the HESI exam which was required for entrance and now the nursing program is filled for the fall. Does anyone know of other options to start in the fall? Would you recommend doing pre-reqs to get into a ABSN program instead of the Associate's Nursing degree?

    I also thought about trying to get into a CNA/LPN program and do that until I could start at Sandhills (I guess I would have to try to get into the Fall 2013 class) but then I'm afraid some of my classes will no longer transfer (like biology that I took freshman year at Pitt) because it will have been 5 years.

    If anyone has any advice on which route I should go to get in to nursing I would greatly appreciate it! I was hoping to get into a program for fall 2012 (which probably will not happen since I feel as if all the deadlines to apply were in January) or Spring 2013 (starting in January). Sorry for the long post! Thank you all!
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  3. by   Semper_Gumby
    Hi there!

    I grew up around Pinehurst (Pinebluff, mainly), and honestly, most of the programs within reasonable driving distance are going to be fall-start ADN programs (and unfortunately, you're right that the deadlines have pretty much all passed by now). Most of them are also competitive enough that you'll need most of those pre/co-requisites out of the way (or at least underway) in order to get accepted, and you'll need to do well in them.

    If I recall correctly, Sandhills CC's program *sometimes* will have slots open up and they will reopen admission in May or June for those few slots. If there's any way possible, I'd definitely recommend taking the HESI as soon as you can (I had to take the TEAS for the program I'm starting in August, and had to take it--at a high cost--at a local testing center. If the HESI is offered by another testing center or school, and SCC will accept it, you might consider doing that).

    If you're willing to drive a bit (45 minutes to an hour or more each way) for a program, you might look into Richmond CC in Hamlet/Rockingham, Fayetteville Tech, Central Carolina CC in Sanford, Montgomery CC (which I believe has just an LPN program) and maybe Wake Tech--which has both spring and fall start dates (or used to) but is insanely competitive (and their deadlines are, or were, extremely early). Fayetteville State University had a nursing program, but the last I saw (a couple years ago) their pass rates were fairly low. There may be another BSN program in the Fayetteville area, and several in the Triangle area, including some ABSN programs, but as always, competition is stiff and most allow only one or two unfinished pre-requisites at the time of application.

    I don't mean to discourage you at all, but right now your best chances are probably to shoot for admission into the Fall 2013 class, wherever you go (though I would definitely keep an eye on SCC's program to see if they open up a late round of admissions next month, and apply for that if possible). What I might recommend is getting your CNA certification done this summer or fall (and I believe the summer class is a continuing education class, so it would be a bit cheaper than the fall curriculum class) and take as many of the pre/co-requisite classes as you can in the next year (but especially in summer & fall). Not only will it give you more points to have certain classes done, it will greatly ease your burden when it comes time to enter the nursing curriculum. Work with the advisors at SCC (or wherever you decide to go) and consider applying to multiple programs in the area to increase your chances of admission to a program. Plus, the extra year will give you the opportunity to establish NC residency, if you are not, and get our excellent in-state tuition rates!

    Lastly, I want to offer a bit of encouragement to you. I have wanted to attend nursing school for over six years, and during that time completed my bachelor degree, finished all my nursing pre-requisites, moved half-way across the country and back, and finally, this fall, will be realizing my dream of attending nursing school to become a nurse. I have a fairly significant student debt load, which has been a big stressor, and don't quite know yet how I'll pay for school, but I am finally going! So even if it takes a couple years to get there, keep your chin up and keep working towards your goals. It may take longer than you like (it certainly has for me!) but you will get there!

    Hope this was helpful, and best of luck to you!


    P.S. Here's a thread where I answered another question about BSN programs in the area. Thought it might be useful to you.
  4. by   hjs13
    Thanks for your post and advice! I'm starting the CNA summer course in a few weeks at SCC and applying for their fall 13 adn program! I was just hoping to get started sooner but I'm quite alright with this route. the advisor suggested I try taking the science courses I don't have this year so next year the only classes I need to take are the actual nursing classes. Just have to wait and see if spots open up for the anatomy class this fall.
  5. by   ImKosher
    I'm enrolled at Sandhills now. They have closed the registration for the 2012 ADN program. They've filled all their seats But you can go ahead and start your prerequisites. I started that way by knocking out all my classes like anatomy, sociology, psychology, and English. This got me set up so I don't have to worry about anything but Nursing. Sandhills and FTCC have the best reputation here. Let me know if you have any questions. Add me, and PM me if you have any questions anytime about Sandhills.
  6. by   AlPal6
    Hello! I have a question for ImKosher and hjs13... I'm going by on Tuesday to speak to the coordinator about the nursing program. The next and last HESI test they offer is next Saturday. I saw on the website that the test covers Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Anatomy/Physiology, and Math. However the Nursing bulletin said that a score of 75 in Reading Comprehension and Math was required. Does this mean that they are only counting our Reading and Math scores for the nursing program? I would call and ask, but they are closed tomorrow! I don't really want to waste all my spare time cramming Anatomy & Physiology if it is not necessary. Another question for @hjs13... I also earned a bachelor's degree in a field unrelated to nursing, and was wondering if you had any trouble with transferring university credit? I've read that Sandhills counts credits over 5 years old, is that correct? I graduated high school in '03 and college in '07, which means my high school chemistry (a prereq) is over 10 years old, will that be a problem? Thanks, hope to hear from you!
  7. by   hjs13
    Hi @AlPal6!

    I believe my credits were still within 5 years. I didn't have any problem at all having those credits transfer. I'm not sure about over 5 years as I didn't have to ask about that. Sorry!

    After taking the CNA 1 course, I actually got a really great job in the field of my already obtained bachelor's degree. I realized I couldn't afford to continue with nursing at this time and decided not to pass up on this job opportunity.

    I wish you the best though! @ImKosher should be able to answer your HESI questions as I never ended up taking the test. Sorry I wasn't much help!
  8. by   ncgymnast
    Does anyone have information regarding the ADN program at SCC or FTCC? I've been accepted at FTCC and SCC and would like to know which school provides the better overall education.