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  1. Can anyone tell me how long it really takes to get the ATT in North Carolina? I have just moved and graduated from Indiana and am now going on more than one month with no ATT. Is that how the NCBON operates? I have been in touch with "Scott" at the NCBON and he tells me two to three weeks after he gets the information. That time has passed. Any one have an issue with this...or is this normal for this state? I am thinking about going back home as I am here with no income. My husband had to stay back in Indiana to work. I am about to go crazy...just figuratively of course.
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  3. by   choosier2003
    I just finished testing , and it took me about a week and a half after I got all my stuff turned in. Be patient , it will come, but I would be calling the NCBON back if it is taking this long.
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    thanks so much for the info. I took the test last week and passed...yeah!