New grad internships

  1. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get a new grad internship at any of the Raleigh hospitals (wakemed, duke, rex)? I have a pretty high gpa, and healthcare experience as an NA. I graduate in May and I'm so worried I won't be able to find a job!!
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  3. by   ItsTheDude
    i'm not in that area of nc, but from everything i'm seeing or hearing, anything (job, etc) for a newbie nurse is mega tough. it's supply and demand, there's way more newbie nurses than there is a demand for, not many places want to take the time, money and gamble (some just don't work out) to train a newbie, when they can pay a bit more and get someone that has proven they can do nursing and have yrs exp doing the job.
  4. by   EmilyLucille523
    It's very hard. If you are interested, you need to start applying now (NOT in February, NOW!!!). These openings fill up extremely fast and they're not that many to begin with this year. Try ALL the New Grad programs like Novant, Randolph, WakeMed, Duke, etc... Also, try to go to the open houses here, they like to see people in person. I know some already had theirs in January but there are some open houses for other hospitals in February. Most of these positions only will take applicants until March 1st and then after that it is virtually impossible to get in (take my word).

    Good luck and start applying and getting your references and transcripts ready!