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Networking in NC

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    I graduated in CA with BSN-RN and since CA is so saturated with nurses in the same situation, I applied for endorsement in NC and trying my luck here.

    I would appreciate any hints or ideas for getting that firts job in NC. Is there any help how I can start netwoking in this area? Any new grads loking for jobs here?

    Right now I am looking for the job anywhere in NC. Any help is appeciated.
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    I graduated from an LVN program in CA in Dec 08 and ended up moving to NC because I could not find a job. Anyhow, since you have a BSN, you should find it relatively easy to find a job. I overheard a few soon-to-be graduate nurses (RNs) complaining about how all the hospitals (mostly Moses Cone owned) will now only hire BSN nurses. There are lots of hospitals from Raleigh going down I-40 all the way to Winston-Salem. Try Alamance Regional Medical Center in Burlington or Forsythe(sp?) Medical Center. I think the Kernersville (in between Greensboro and Winston-Salem) medical center has finally opened.
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    Thanks Sensoria17

    I've been trying to apply for anything that does not require experience as RN. I've applied to few places in Raleigh and so on. Ideally, I would like to be placed in teaching hospitals like UNC or DUKE. So far, I am waiting to hear from them.

    I did my preceptoship in the NICU and this would be my dream job. I am trying to apply to any NICU/ pediatric related job postings. However, I don't expect that this might work, and so any critical care RN jobs would be awesome.