Need to find a good RN school

  1. 0 Hi, i am trying to find a fast pace, 2 year or less and not real expensive school. In Raliegh or Charlotte. If anyone could help me please. Im 21 & a single mom of a 15 month old son. Do not want to compete, tired of seeing life pass me by. Please help & thanks. Ps also dont want to take a cna class due to lack of funds.
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    I believe all the community colleges require CNA first. I can't recall any 2 year programs in Charlotte area that didn't. I believe even Queens requires it now (but Queens isn't cheap!). You can do the CNA through CPCC and I think you can use student loans. Also I have heard that some nursing homes will pay for you but that's just what I have read here. Don't know of anyone that went that route IRL. Research Mercy school of nursing and Carolinas college 80/20 loans. Now that I think of it, I don't think Mercy requires CNA. Very competitive though. In charlotte, mercy might be your best bet if you can get in. Best wishes :-)


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