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I looked on the NCBON website just to check the NCLEX pass rates for Charlotte area programs over the last five years. I was both surprised and somewhat disappointed. Of course, Mercy School of Nursing had the best avg over the... Read More

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    Quote from Abishag
    As a former MSON graduate, I can tell you that we were constantly being told by nurses at the hospitals that compared to other schools we were way ahead of the game. Apparently the other schools did more shadowing and ancillary work (baths, etc) while we did total pt care (meds, dressing changes, etc). After moving out of state, I started working with other new grads from the area I moved too and my nursing director came up to me and asked if any of my other classmates would be willing to relocate to that state. She has only been impressed by how much I know and my non-slack work ethic (a requirement at MSON).

    MSON only sets you up to succeed. They are also one of the few schools that has a critical care semester which hones your skills. MSON is the best school in my totally biased but honest opinion. There are no other options!! At my work, I get complimented CONSTANTLY by staff members and doctors that are impressed with my skills and I was by no means at the top of my class at Mercy. I graduated with a less than 3.0 gpa. If you pass MSON, you are going to be a good nurse.

    The only other school I have heard great things about in that area, is Gaston Memorial. But I've only heard that through the grape vine. As for CPCC, UNCC, Queens, and so forth, I have heard bad or so-so reviews both for NCLEX and for performance in clinicals.
    Thank you. This makes me even more interested in MSON.

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    Quote from Abishag
    Apparently the other schools did more shadowing and ancillary work (baths, etc) while we did total pt care (meds, dressing changes, etc).

    They are also one of the few schools that has a critical care semester which hones your skills.
    I'm also biased to CPCC since that was my school. I know we never did "shadowing" though. We would do our own baths and vitals, but we still did all of our meds, dressing changes, documentation, and any other skills. We also would go with our patient for any procedures or tests off the unit so we could see for ourselves what was being done. If I was in a school that just shadowed and did CNA work, I would've gone somewhere else.

    What do you mean by you had a critical care semester? A semester where your clinicals were in critical care or a semester where your lectures were critical care? I know several other schools do clinicals in critical care areas. But it all comes down to the luck of the draw, and certain schools get to pick clinical sites before other schools. I just saw some UNCC students on my unit the other day. Sadly they were just doing ancillary work. 2 students to 1 patient, and not allowed to give meds. Perhaps because it was the first clinical of the semester?

    Anyways, If the NCLEX pass rate is all that will determine what school you go to, you can check the pass rates of all the schools in NC on the board of nursing's website.

    MSON does have the highest pass rate last year, so they are obviously doing something right. CPCC is the next highest, and Queen's ADN & BSN and UNCC are both in the low 80's%.

    You need to also take into consideration how well the instructors work with their students, are they understanding that you have a life/job/family etc. Will they help you outside of class if you're having a hard time with material. Cost is a big consideration for most people. And location of the school.

    I know CPCC instructors were all great to work with. They were always available after class hours in their offices or by phone/email. They all understood we have lives and families. I've heard of some schools telling you to quit your jobs because it will cause you to fail, and they wouldn't work with you. Obviously any school can only work with you to a point. You can't be late to every clinical or miss every class because of something.
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    Cabarrus College of Health Sciences in Concord always has a high pass rate! Our school tests have always been rated harder than the NCLEX from past students.
    Great school!

    As of 6/30/2010 pass rates for Charlotte Area Schools:
    Cabarrus College: 97%
    CPCC: 87%
    UNCC: 89%
    Queens BSN: 85%
    Queens ADN: 79%
    MSON: 100%
    Carolinas College: 98%
    Gaston College: 88%
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    Nick -
    Our final semester we had clinicals and class lectures on ICU. We rotated and took patients in the CCU, MICU an and SICU. I did my preceptorship in the CCU as well. Our instuctor had many years in the CCU so he was passionate about it.

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