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Has anyone heard anything about NCCU's programs, like the BSN or ABSN programs? I tried to contact someone at the school but never received a reply and I also requested info through their website and still nothing (and Duke and... Read More

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    Quote from mommyonamission
    Anyway, I would definitely like to know how your visit to Duke goes. I had no idea they had an RN to MSN program that didn't require you to already have a BSN. Will have to check that out online. Thanks
    Here's a list of all of the schools that offer an RN (ADN or diploma) to MSN degree program

    Here's a list of the schools that offer RN-BSN completion programs
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    Quote from MotivatedOne
    Here's a list of all of the schools that offer an RN (ADN or diploma) to MSN degree program

    Here's a list of the schools that offer RN-BSN completion programs

    If my ultimate goal is to get the MSN, do you think it's necessary to get the BSN? It seems unnecessary to get a BSN if I can go straight for the MSN. Would there be any benefits to getting the BSN first?
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    "RN to MSN Pathway
    To assist nurses who have an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Diploma in Nursing with a BS/BA in another field of study, the Duke School of Nursing has the RN to MSN pathway for advancing their education. Admission to the MSN program will be dependent on meeting the MSN admissions requirements."
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    Technically when doing a RN-MSN bridge program you're still completing courses required for a BSN so I don't think it's necessary for you to get your BSN before getting your MSN. I used to be so stuck on getting my BSN instead of ADN because of the so called label of being a "professional nurse" as opposed to being a "technical nurse" People say go for your BSN instead of the ADN especially if you plan to go into management. What company in their right mind would allow someone to be a manager w/o any experience in that field? So why not get your ADN, work as a nurse while also completing either your BSN or MSN...whichever you prefer, then if you have a desire to be a manger once you complete your BSN, you'd have at least a year of experience under your belt.
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    I'm new to this site and I wanted to get some feedback. I am trying to apply to UNC/DUKE/NCCU ABSN programs for January 2011. I'm taking a few prerequsities in the spring. Does anyone know anything about the NCCU program? It seems like their program requires more than UNC and Duke. Do we need to take the 3 pre-nursing courses before getting accepted to the program? What if we do take those courses and not get in?

    Any feedback and UNC and Duke? I'm really hoping to get into Duke and UNC but I'm afraid my GPA is not high enough. My cumulative is 3.0 but my science courses are 2.5. I plan to retake some to get my grades up.

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    Exciting that you are starting prereqs soon! I think the prereq GPA is weighed heavier for UNC ABSN than the cum GPA so make sure to make those 5 classes A's. In addition to a high pre-req GPA make sure you have some regular volunteer experience too. The UNC ABSN is really competitive. Duke's is competitive too, but I think there is more movement on the waiting list there. I didn't apply to NCCU because I wanted to focus on the prereqs I needed for the other schools, so I can't help you there! In all honesty, I think you need at least a 3.5 on your prereq GPA to be competitive at Duke or UNC. There are some minimum grade requirements for certain courses so make sure you check those out if you opt not to re-take a class. Good luck on your journey to becoming a nurse. I start the UNC ABSN program in January.
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    Thanks momofthreeboys,
    I actually am working full time right now, and have been the past 5 years, so I don't have time to do volunteer work. Can I write about that on the 3rd essay? I am 27 years old, and its been 5 years since I've been in school. I graduated w/ a Bachelors in Biology. I will be taking Micro/Lab an Developmental Psychology in the Spring. I might need to retake Anatomy II ( i made a C as an undergrad). Do you think I'll have a chance of getting into UNC? I really want to start by Spring 2011. I just got married this past June and would really like to start ASAP.
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    Congrats on getting married! I am an older student too. I understand not having time to volunteer. I think that would make a great third essay, just make sure to include any volunteering you did while in college. Work experience will work to your advantage too. UNC is very competitive but they look at your entire application. Writing strong essays could get you in if you pull up the pre-req GPA to around a 3.5. Are you doing online classes? It would be pretty easy to retake any classes if you did them online even while working full time. I understand the rush- I did all my prereqs last spring and summer!
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    Thanks momofthreeboys!
    Would it be advisable if I just apply for the BSN instead of the ABSN, since it is less competetive? I made all B's in the prerequisites, and hoping to make an A in micro/lab this semester. I'm looking at UNC/DUKE/ and NCCU, I wanted to have more than one option. The micro lecture is online so that makes such a big difference, and Developmental Psy is recommended at UNC and Duke so I'm taking that next sem as well. I really want to get into a program and not have to retake any classes.

    What is your suggestion that I do? Just apply for BSN or ABSN? It sucks that we can't apply to both!
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    It completely sucks you can't apply to both. If I was in your position I would apply for the BSN- I think generally the mean prereq GPA for the UNC ABSN is about a 3.7.

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