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    Hello! Anyone on here gotten their nursing degree from NC A&T? I see their scores are very low...what's the word on this? Why so low? Bad instructors? Bad students? I'm from out of state and want to apply to as many programs as I can and NC A&T is one of them. They must be trying to improve their score or else they will be lose their accreditation for nursing programs correct?

    Thanks for any info you have on this school and their nursing programs.

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    Just bumping this in case there is anyone in the area that can comment on their nursing program....

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    Hey carshell!

    I will preface this comment by saying I've never attended NC A&T nor do I know of anyone who attended, however, I've read and spoken to NC locals who said the school has a good reputation. I know the NCLEX passage rate is the lowest in the state, however, remember that nursing school is what you make it and passing the NCLEX heavily depends on what work you put in to ensure you position yourself to pass.

    As far as attending an HBCU, you shouldn't have anything to worry about! Just go to the nursing school that best accommodates to you and your family needs and provide you with a strong nursing education. If you haven't already done so, I highly reccommend you book a flight and visit the school. I'm sure they have an admitted student weekend that would better help you decide on if its the right fit for you.

    Lastly, you should reach out to either of these Allnurses members below:

    NewAggieGrad09 - she's an "Aggie" (NC A&T) nursing school graduate who can speak on the program. Her profile is below:

    About NewAggieGrad09 - Nursing Community for Nurses

    @elkpark, whose "former colleague of mine (white) attended the nursing program at NC A&T (many years ago), and spoke v. highly of it. I'm not aware of it having had any negative impact on his career". His/her reflection can be found below:

    Best of luck and I hope you decide to attend the school that best suits your needs!!
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    I really appreciate the time you took to respond and with appropriate contacts to those that went there.

    I am flying out next month to attend their open house so hopefully I can decide if it's the right fit for me.

    Thanks so much!!
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    Have you heard anything yet about the application?
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    Is anyone out there trying to apply to NC A & T for the 2013 ABSN program?
    Does anyone know of their pre-requisites?
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    Hi I was wondering the you all know anything about the program
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    Did you ever find out any information about NC A&T nursing program?

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