Mercy SON Spring 2012 Hopefulls

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    any applying for the spring semester and is there anyone who doesnt have a bachelors thats applying or that has already got in?
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    I am and am so nervous!
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    I applied for spring 2012. I already have a BA in another field, and still need to take my teas. From what i undestand, you get a point for having a BA or a BS, but what matters most are your GPA, teas scores and your grades on A&P 1 and 2.
    I took A&P a long time ago and made a B, I recently took the second part and made an A. I was advised to take A&P 1 over since it's been so long so i'm retaking it in the fall along with micro. I am very curious as to how they will judge my application. will they use my 1st A&P score or wait for the second one ? I have all my psch , sociology and nutrion courses completed with all A's
    . I am beyond nervous !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well I go and take the TEAS on tues Im so nervous, will post results afterwards.
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    good luck to all that have applied. i graduated from mercy this last winter and loved it. in my class there was only a handful of people who don't have a previous degree, maybe 3 or 4. good luck
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    Well I turned in my application today and the administator said that my teas test didn't have to be bac until sept. 1 and that notifications come out sept. 15th.. such a long time to wait...
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    Deep Dimples,
    did you get to take your teas on tuesday? if so how was it ???
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    I applied for Spring and hold a BS in another area. Need to take the TEAS....anxiously waiting!!!!!
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    I just received my acceptance letter from Mercy and will begin spring 2012!
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    I am new to this website but have many questions and was looking for some help! I go to North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. I am in the process of getting a 4 year degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Human Biology along with a minor in Spanish. After the four years, I will have lots of hours volunteering at hospitals, working in some research in hospitals, studying abroad with (hopefully) fluency in spanish, and other extracurricular service activities. I want to go to accelerated nursing school in Charlotte (close to home) after I get my 4 year degree. Mercy seems like a great option because it is close, inexpensive, and fast. I saw on the website that they only admit 10 students into the ABSN program. If I keep my GPA around a 3.6 will I have a good chance of getting in? Is this a good option? I am wanted to join a "traveling doctors" as a nurse afterwards to get experience before possibly specializing. Any helpful suggestions as to what I should do or if I am on a good track thus far?

    Thanks guys!