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I'm an LPN with almost 2 years of experience on an Obstetrics unit and float to Med Surg, Intensive Care and Behavioral Health. It's time to move on and experience other hospitals and locations. ... Read More

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    Well thanks for the words of encouragement hsienko! LOL Kidding, anyway, no way am I just quitting my day job to wing it and come on a job hunt. I'm actually in a place on my schedule now that I have a few days to come visit, so I'm heading down to visit next week and check out the area, living, things to do, and all that good stuff. As with NC (apparently) LPN's aren't exactly top of the market anywhere anymore. Had I known this when I went through my PN program, I never would have even bothered and gone straight into an RN program. It's ok though because doing the LPN thing first has given me a stepping stone and has opened my eyes to what I can see myself doing in the future. So while I definitely feel like the evil step-child of nursing ... I do my part to take great care of my patients, regardless of the crappy way LPN's seem to be treated. The hospital I work at couldn't survive without LPN's, so it's crazy to think they aren't well needed everywhere but to each his own.

    I'm also going to meet with CFCC about their ADN program as I'm currently enrolled in classes here that are working toward my RN. I'm fine with LTC in the intrim while taknig classes. It will give me more experience in a different aspect of nursing. And besides that, I have plenty of other job experience unrelated to nursing so I can always fall back on those too if it comes down to it. Just trying to look at every experience in the positive light and would like to see some more of the country while I'm still "young" and "Unattached" and can do it! And who knows, maybe once I'm down for a visit, I won't even like it there and I'll have to create a "Plan B"

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    I am an RN in Ohio looking to relocate to Wilmington next summer. Any advice on best places to work? I have 7 years Telemetry experience. Plan on applying for licensure in January and jobs in April. Plus is it hard to get in to the local hospitals?
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    Well there are two hospitals in Wilmington, and they're both under the same company. New Hanover Regional Medical Center. I don't know a thing about RN's getting in there or anything. Since LPN's are treated like the red headed step children of nursing, we get no opportunity to work in Hospitals. I started orienting at one rehab facility and hated it. Moved onto another and it's been an interesting road. lol I actually was able to work in my hometown hospital for two years prior to moving to Wilmington. So the switch to LTC was fascinating. I've actually grown to enjoy the LTC part of things. The rehab side of my facility leaves me clocking out and questioning if I was actually a nurse during that shift of just a pill popper in an assisted living situation. But overall the experience has been enlightening and I have learned a thing or two about wounds and stuff like that. I've decided that Wilmington isn't my final stop in the road to setting roots down somewhere. It's a quite little city and I love the beaches and such but I want a bit bigger, busy city so I'm off to Las Vegas (used to live there) to try my hand at some nursing (and School for my RN) there... GOOD LUCK!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
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    Thank you skayes for the fast response. The LPN role in the hospitals here in Ohio is changing as well. One of the local hospitals actually let all of them go last year and the hospital I work for isn't getting rid of them but they aren't hiring any new ones. Good luck on your RN. I was an LPN first and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing.
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    I just recently graduated PN school and waiting to take my boards in a few weeks now to get licensed. I've always been interested in relocating to NC. I'm 25 and still want to go on for my RN and eventually BSN. Been looking at wilimington because I've also heard its a nice city and close to the coast which is what I'm looking for in terms of change of scenery having lived in Boston all my life. Wanted to know how your experience was in terms of finding a job, apartment, further schooling in the area? any recommendations you have or other areas in NC or the surrounding areas that you would recommend instead? I just want to be able to travel and experience different parts of the country while I'm still young and thought NC would be a good starting point.
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    Sorry this took a bit to reply to. Been busy. Wilmington is beautiful and so close to the shore yep. They don't take PNs in the hospital of course so a nursing home/rehab facility will be your beat shot. Difficult getting a job prior to relocating so keep that in mind. the place I worked at found my resume on career builder. Housing is fairly affordable as it's a college town. If you're really serious I can give you my old roommates email and you could talk with him about a living arrangement. I have since moved. I used to love in Nevada and missed all my friends so I moved back there. You can message me on Facebook if you'd like faster replies and more email. I don't mind helping.

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