License without SSN but with ITIN?

  1. Hi all!

    So glad I found this forum I'm going to be starting at Watts in January and although it's still quite a while before I have to worry about these logistics I thought I'd see if anyone else had done this before.

    I'm wondering if it's possible in NC to get licensed without an SSN but with an ITIN. I saw in some other boards (CA for example) that some people stated they got their license without an SSN.

    Anyone out there done this??

    Many thanks!
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  3. by   elkpark

    The BON can give you the best answer on this (theirs is the only one that really counts! )
  4. by   yeepers

    I did try the NCBON and as of this point in time....well...they're not quite sure??? I think I may just have to get in touch with someone there who can give me a definitive answer.