June 2010 start date for MOC/Watts

  1. I know there are a few of us here, I've seen others post in different threads. Waiting for the MOC person to call is going to make me crazy. I want to talk to them and have everything set up now. Clearly, patience is not my greatest virtue. I feel bad because it seems like the only thing I want to talk about lately is this program, and I'm trying to not to wear out my family and friends before I even start school. I wish I knew what classes I'm going to take so I could get my books. I guess it's obvious by now, but I am a total geek. Text books make me happy!

    If anyone reads this who started in January, or even before that, and you have any advice to give us soon to be newbies, I'd love to read it!
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  3. by   tps12
    Hey dani,
    I am starting in june too. Someone called last week and left me a message from MOC. I could not make out from who so I called **** who I hear is the wson person at moc. Waiting to hear back from her. Have you heard anything? I have most of the classes but from along time ago. except for religion and a&p i have had them all.
    let me know if you know anything. Todd
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  5. by   DaniGrrl
    I got a financial aid award letter from MOC, but I haven't gotten any phone calls from them. The waiting is killing me! I took a few of the pre-reqs years ago, but I'm not holding my breath that I'll get credit. I don't mind if I have to retake them, I figure that could help break me in to school.