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    Hi everyone and Happy New Year!
    I'm in the LPN program and graduating in may 05--returning to school in jan 06 to do bridge to RN. I would like to start looking for a job already--anyone know of a great place to work as an LPN, who would also work with me during my transition to RN?
    Also, how long does it usually take to get onto the CNA I board?
    its been a while now since i did the paperwork--which was messed up twice --CNA II will be completed in Feb., so I just like to be able to work and get my foot in a door.
    thanks for any replies--IM me if you can

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    So you are a CNA II. Do you want to do hospital nursing when you graduate? If you do, then you should work at a hospital while you are in school. That way certain things that should be second nature to you as an RN...will be. Onslow Memorial doesn't pay much for a CNA II but its not worth it (money-wise) to drive to Craven Regional. Get the experience while you can as a CNA II. Even if you work PRN.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'll be an LPN in May, and it's really sad that this town is so "sorry" when it comes to paying ppl. i know of someone making $9.00 as an LPN at a Dr office...?! you can make $16 in a LTC and $18 in Wilmington.
    I'll try Craven regional-- i know other hospitals hire lpn's, just now this town. :angryfire

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