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hello! i'm somewhat new here.. i've decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming a nurse, and i'm very excited, and yet nervous. after alot of research about the differences between lpn's... Read More

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    hello meica,

    i don't know if you are still interested in the nursing program at wake tech,but i am currently enrolled in the program. i am going into my 3rd semester,and it is definitely a challenge. it's not that the information is difficult,but it takes a commitment due to the amount of work. it's not like your pre-reqclasses where you learn the information, and then you give the same informationback (memorization basically). in nursing school you need to be able to applyit, so you need to understand multiple concepts to answer one test questionssometimes. i am loving it, but i am glad to have a strong support system withinmy class. we really do work together and you are more successful working as ateam. be prepared to work, and make school a priority and you will be fine! ihope you give it a chance. you psychology degree would be a great asset attimes - i hope this helps

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    I am currently taking my prereq classes at waketech. I am planning to take the cna course in the summer session but I also want to take at least one other course. Does anyone know what classes are offered in the summer and is it a 5 week course, how many days and hours a week? Summer schedule hasn't come out yet and I work one day a week and have a young son so I am trying to coordinate my classes with my hubby's schedule. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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