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Hi all, I am graduating this May, and I have just received word that I will have an interview at Duke University Hospital next week. I was wondering if anyone had any interview tips for me? This... Read More

  1. by   Sierra Budda
    Hi ashaffer89. After many apps I finally got an interview at Duke. I was wondering if you can give me any more advice on the questions they asked. I dont have much time to prepare as I am flying from CA. Please help me. Feel free to email
  2. by   Bear07_RN
    congrats @SierraBudda! What unit did you get an interview with? I applied this past time around as well, but still hoping to hear from them.
  3. by   djoup
    I have an interview for the Cardiac Unit at Duke university next week. Any tips on how to be prepared for the interview?
  4. by   mladolphin
    Hi everyone-
    I recently graduated and just got an email for an in person interview on the Neuroscience unit! And another email for a phone interview on an oncology unit. Just wondering how the interview process went for other people and how long it took to find out whether or not you got the position. I am from CT and have heard that Duke helps with relocating. Does anyone have any experience with that process? Thanks!
  5. by   hofamb
    Good luck on your interviews! I just moved down here from Michigan for a job at Durham regional hospital. I haven't started yet, but the relocation for out of state is $3000. You can either have it paid to you (taxed) or paid to a moving co (not taxed) so far I love it down here let me know if you have any questions!
  6. by   mladolphin
    Congrats hofamb! How do you like the area so far? Are you living in Durham or one of the surrounding areas? Did you (or anyone else that has interviewed at Duke) wear scrubs to both part of the interview?
  7. by   mmc51264
    I did. I had my shadow and then my interview. Scrubs obviously for shadow-no time to change. You interview on the floor, so you would look out of place in a suit or something.
  8. by   hofamb
    Thanks! I'm loving the area so far. Right now I'm living in Carrboro but will be moving to Durham soon. I was given time to change between my shadow and interview, so you may want to ask. Mine was set up as an open house so maybe that's why it was different?
  9. by   nursekii
    hey congrats!! how do you like the job and area. I just received an interview. any details about the process and the new grad salary
  10. by   nursekii
    let us know how the interview goes ill be scheduling my interview soon
  11. by   mladolphin
    I accepted a position at Duke Raleigh. I really liked the floor and staff. I received a phone call the next day with an offer.
  12. by   mladolphin
    nursekii When is your interview? For new grads the pay is $20.74 with night differentials of $4 and weekend differentials $4.50
  13. by   MendedHeart
    Duke Raleigh and Wilson Health are about to merge. They just layed off like 30 ppl.