How do I navigate the process? How do I navigate the process? | allnurses

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How do I navigate the process?

  1. 0 I let my nursing license lapse in 2011 after I became a Stay-at-Home-Mom. 1) How do I get my license back? I've looked at the NCBON website but I can't determine where to begin. Background check first? CEUs first? When do I do the application on the NCBON website? 2) How many CEUs do I need? What website offers free credits? Who offers good refresher credits? 3) Do I get it back and then request inactive status? Retired status? I only want it back "in case of." I graduated nursing school in 2005 and some laws were changing so I just missed a cutoff and never had to do a renewal.... And then it was due when I was not working. I would appreciate any guidance offered. Thank you.
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