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  1. 0 Hello everyone! I have applied for the ADN and LPN programs and Davidson CC and the LPN program at Forsyth Tech. I am also applying for the LPN program at SPCC. I just found out the deadline for the LPN program at Guildford tech is April 9th. It looks like I will have time to apply! I scored a 68.7 on the teas V exam. My final grade in Bio 165 was a B and I will finish Bio 166 in May. I passed PSY 150 with an A and PSY 241 with a B. I also have a medical assisting diploma from SPCC and a CMA (AAMA) credential. I am on the CNA 1 registry and I am CPR certified by the American Heart Association. Has anyone else here applied for Guildford Tech's LPN program? What information can you tell me about it? I will be there Friday or Monday to start my application. Thanks everyone!
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    GTCC is pretty straightforward. All of the info in thier admissions pack is all the info that you need to know and what is available to my knowledge. Good Luck!!!