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Getting a license from another state

  1. 0 Hi, I was wondering if anyone is able to help me. I currently hold and LPN license in the state of Florida; I'm considering to move to North Carolina, but I'm not sure of the steps I have to follow in order to be able to work in NC. I've also apply for a couple jobs in NC already, but I'm not sure if they will automatically reject my application once they see is a Florida license. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    Find the north carolina board of nursing online there you should find information on obtaining a reciprocal license when you have a license in another state, it isn't difficult but does involve some forms and of course a fee. Good luck. go here :
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    Contact the BoN, fill out the application and pay the $$$. NC requires an FBI background check so go to your local PD and have them finger print you. They used to issue you a temporary license (this was the case in '06, although I'm an RN it may be different for LPN), that was good for a few months until all your background check and other paperwork goes through. I had to sign my charts "RN-P" (registered nurse petitioner). I think i started the licensing process in december of 05 and got my perm by march of 06 after all the paperwork, etc. kindof a hassel but whatever. NC is compact which is a big plus, i'm assuming that applies for LPNs