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Hey guys! I'm new to this so forgive me if I've posted wrong or in the wrong place. I'm just wondering if anyone has applied to Gaston's LPN program for fall '13? I'm really hoping to get in because I applied for last year but... Read More

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    Half of the apps had been gone over as of almost 2wks ago and at that point it looked like 9+ points would get in. That was very preliminary info though. But was from reliable source. Who knows?

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    I've applied for the 2013 LPN program as well and am on pins and needles! It's my first year applying so I really have no idea what to expect as far as how soon we will hear anything; I was trying to find some news info on Gaston's website but didn't see anything and came across this forum on Google. So someone heard the letters would be mailed by the last week of this month? Eeee I hope so! I'm glad I found you guys, we can anticipate together!
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    Got my acceptance letter today! I'm hoping that I'll be able to work something out at work and go without quitting my job completely. But if thats what it takes so be it! Can't wait to hear from the rest of yall
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    Congrats Hopeful_nurse87! I got my acceptance letter today also. So I'll be seeing you in the Fall! Do you know if you will go to the day or night program?
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    CONGRATS! I'm not sure yet :/ I'm trying to figure out a way to not go broke while I'm in school. I work in a doctor's office right now and I'm not real sure how they'll work with me on my schedule. If I quit I'm not sure how I'll make money. Are you doing day or night?
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    I am hoping to do the day, but it doesn't matter either way for me :-)
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    Hey there! I also recvd acceptance letter! So happy. Nervous about quitting wrk but I think wil be very tough to wrk and school w. 2 kids...for me day is best. I wrk for an awesome dr but night plan would mean wrk all day school til sometimes midnight. It will all wrk out just so blessed to be in!!!
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    Contratulations HopefulNurse87 and Lady4life!!! Good luck itspaigeyo! Keep us posted.
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    Thanks Srwyatt! Congrats to you as well!!! I am so excited also. I am nervous too...but can't wait to start this exciting new journey! I am a CNA, so I will probably do home health care on the weekends and during the week to pick up extra hours as well as save as much money as I can now to have while I am in nursing school. Good luck to everyone!

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