Further my hands on skills (IVs, phlebotomy, ekg)

  1. Hi all! I'm still pretty new to the RDU area (relocated here 4 months ago) and researching EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about the nursing industry down here. I'm originally from the Philadelphia metro and used to there being tons of classes for LPNs, RNs, NPs, etc. that need to further their given skill set. However, it seems like most of the classes I've seen down here only gear towards RNs and aren't really related to hands on clinical skills. I've only worked in psychiatric health and never learned how to start IVs or do ECG/EKGs, but need them to find a job. Is there anywhere locally, that I can take these classes? I was hoping to find a weekend type of training or something relatively short term, since I am in school full time and working (not in nursing) part time. I'm willing to travel if it's a weekend course too. Any ideas fellow NC nurses?
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  3. by   recovering nurse
    Try the Wake AHEC (Area Health Education Center). I completed a RN Refresher program in my area through AHEC and they were always offering classes and skills labs. The classes (I think) are a bit pricey. Here's the link for the Wake County AHEC, hope it helps!
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    Thanks I checked them out, didn't see much coming up that was hands on but I also found the NCAHEC website and they list courses (online, practice based, blended) all over the state, so I'm going to do a little more research there. Thanks again!
  5. by   saltwaterstat
    wilmington here. same boat as you. skills labs?, really?..lol...j/k. I would LOVE to find a skills labs sort of thing here. I have been told repeatedly, we're still working out of the good ol' boys network tho, so local hospital is a loss.
    the best job of my life was in an ED...but we had paramedics & techs galore...(it was a teaching hospital)...so if there was a blood draw, or ekg, or ...to be done, they were right there. great for the patient tho! short of taking classes at the local cc....there's nothing out there.