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Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum. Is anyone applying to to the spring '13 ADN program? The closer the deadline gets the more anxious I become! I hope I have enough points to get in!!!... Read More

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    i think you choose your own schedule somewhat. i think it's sections you get to choose from. and yes WHEN we get in! I have all my prereqs done so I'll have my hands full with just the nur classes!

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    I think we can choose our own section as long as it's available. And yes WHEN we get in! I have all my prereqs done so I'll have my hands full with just the nursing classes.
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    I also have everything done for ADN was tossing around taking a couple more that would apply towards my MSN later but really feel like I want to focus on NUR classes also! I am excited to hear and get the rest of the process finished up! Come on mail lady! lolol
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    No mail from FTCC for me today
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    I think letters are in today. I have to go to USPS to pick it up because its certified mail and I wasn't home to get it today.
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    I plan to take only my nursing courses

    with the typical dropout/fail rate being appx 50% I refuse to be in that number!

    NURSING over everything whoop!

    But if you have the confidence, will, and discipline.. Go for it! Who can stop you?
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    The first semester of nursing is as follows:
    7 Hrs.-class per week (2-days)
    6 hours of lab per week
    6 hours of clinical (4 hours to asses) per week
    at least 15 hours of study time per week
    that is equal to 38 hours per week
    These were from notes that I took and the info session that I attended.

    Oh, and no letter for me. Anyone a member of Phi Thetta Kappa? With the grades we have to get, I expect some are. I hope to get more involved. I have heard it can benefit to have some involvement on your resume.
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    I am taking some courses now that are required to get RN to BSN over at WSSU. They were very helpful and advised me which classes to start taking at FTCC. It might end up being cheaper to take some at FTCC than at WSSU.
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    I am not certain but pretty sure they come regular mail not certified.
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    Yes, they do come regular mail. I wish they came on the 28th!!! I can't take it much longer lol

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