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Hello everyone, I have been following this site for some time watching everyone that got into the fall 2011 ADN program at Forsyth Tech. I also got in and am extremely excited. My niece is still on the alternate list and has not... Read More

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    84 point is pretty good, then add on whatever you get on the TEAS exam and you'd be set. I plan on being there as well, hopefully I'll get to meet you. I'm sure it's going to be packed.

    Good luck on the exam, I plan on taking it at GTCC, but they don't allow test taking until 8/29 so i have tons of time to study for it. But, if I get an earlier test date from forsyth i'm definatly taking it.

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    this is one of the largest adn programs in the state...i know it will be packed but at least they take 70+ students. i am retaking a few classes i have 87 points...actually i double checked...i'll take those three points! i am taking the test in charlotte and then taking it again at ftcc depending on how it goes wednesday. i just want a baseline or a feel for how it’s going to go. shoot me and email and we can have a little intro sure.
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    are you on facebook?
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    Yes, She Re is my screen name...Ill add you!
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    i'm not sure which one you are so try and find me by my email addy.. my name is Lydia
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    Does anyone know what the point cutoff was for Fall '11 entry? I'd like to have an idea of what score I will need to get in for '12.

    I really appreciate the input!
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    hey there isnít one at this school yet. this is the first year they are using the 5.0 version for the teas, so we would be setting the bar so to speak at forsyth tech as far as average admitted scores, so good luck!...the past points were based on the 4. version teas and you can have 0 points and still apply but it wonít make you a competitive applicant if that answers your question. so i repeat there is no min score but competitive would probably be around 160 pts. if i was guessing for a starting point not to say you wonít get in with lower scores....???? they said this new version of the teas is harder than the 4.0 so the national average is about 68% and the schools min score is like a 42%.
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    Gotcha. What abut for other triad CC's? I am going to apply at Randolph, Davidson and Forsyth. I have almost all of my supporting courses except for the A&P's with A's, so my points look good from that end. I'm usually pretty good with standardized tests, but I haven't studied general science in a while, so I know I will need to brush up on that for the TEAS. Any thoughts on the best study tools? I knaw that there are threads specific to TEAS, but I didn't know if TEAS V is very different from previous versions.

    BTW...I absolutely love this forum. You all are great!

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