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    Hi there! I have applied to Mercy SON for Fall 2011. I am anxiously waiting to find out about acceptance. Is there anyone else who has applied to MSON for Fall 2011 as well? We could keep each other updated in case we hear anything

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    I'm also a Mercy applicant for Fall 2011. :uhoh21:
    I've been looking at this site for months now and freaking myself out. I'm taking the CLEP for Human Growth & Development on Monday (1/24) to try for some last minute points for admission. Plus, it will be the only prereq I have left, and I really don't want to be taking that while at Mercy. I honestly have all my eggs in one basket here.....
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    I still have to take the Human Growth and Development class too. I thought about doing it with Clep. Please let me know how that goes. My only concern with that is that after getting my RN I will likely keep going to get my BSN. The program I am looking at requires this class too and I am not sure if they would accept it if I placed out with Clep or if I actually have to take the class.

    I have looked at all of this so much that it is starting to run together for me. If you don't mind me asking, what do your grades and other areas look like? I have read a lot about what other people had and whether or not the did or did not get in. Maybe we can make educated guesses
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    I will definitely let you know how the CLEP exam goes on Monday. I'm using the REA study guide, and it gets to the point and is a very easy read. It also has three 90 question practice tests in it. I have taken 2 of those so far (I'll take the last one tomorrow evening) and have "passed" both of those. As far as finding out if the BSN program you are looking at accepts CLEP....you should be able to either call and ask, check their website, or check the college boards website. The college board's site has a list of schools that accept CLEP if I remember correcty. I've been cramming for this exam for a month to be able to take it and get my score reported to Mercy by the Feb 1st deadline.
    I don't mind sharing (what I know off the top of my head) my grades at all. I too have read a lot of other people's info on these threads, and I have to say, I am intimidated. Never before have a encountered a group of people that are as motivated as I am. Please take that as a compliment. Let's see....If I leave anything out, let me know:
    TEAS 92%
    High School GPA 4.0
    SAT score 1200
    Exp. Writing A or B (Sadly it's been so long since I took it I can't remember right off & dont have a copy nearby)
    Intro to Soc. A
    A&P I A
    Total college GPA so far is 3.7
    I'm currently in A&P II and will take Microbiology this summer.
    I do not have a degree of any kind....I'm one of those with about 50 credit hours of "I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up" over the last 8 years.
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    Mine looks close to yours. Here is what I have

    TEAS 92%
    High School GPA 3.4 (I think)
    SAT score 1080
    English 101 and 102 A
    Intro to Soc. A
    A&P I A
    Undergrad GPA was 3.6 I think
    Graduate GPA 3.9
    I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree
    I'm currently in A&P II and will take Microbiology this summer.

    Overall, I think that it is just going to come down to the applicant pool for the Fall. Don't they take 34 or so for admission?
    Where are you taking Micro at this summer?
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    You're right, I suppose some semesters are more competitive than others. Unfortunately, You are the only other person I've ran across for Fall on this forum. I do know there were MANY people in the info session I attended in November, and based on the questions they were asking in front of everyone, again I was surprised and intimidated by the number of people that seemed to have all their ducks in a row. Hopefully, not all of them were applying for this Fall. In that info session, we were told that they will accept between 30-40 Fall students, and then another 30-40 will go on the wait list. I would prefer not to have the further torture of the wait list, but I suppose it's alot better than flat out decline. All I know right now is I'm driving my husband absolutely nuts waiting on this letter. I'm currently a student at Catawba Valley Community College, and that's where I'll be taking Micro this summer.
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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm also a fellow Fall 2011 applicant. Am biting my nails off as well - soooooo hoping to get in. So far it looks like I have between 8 and 8.5 points. Have a B.A. in Biology & Sociology, made 28 on ACT and 1280 on SAT (a long time ago mind you), did pretty well on TEAS except for Science where I made a 60. I strongly feel I did well with my essay so who knows... I'm just dying to KNOW!

    Am planning on enrolling into the standard curriculum/schedule (not accelerated nor part time) - does anyone know what the daily/weekly schedule is like, what time do we go to class or do clinical rotations and on which days?

    Thanks so much, and BEST of luck to you all!
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    First off just wanted to wish you all luck!!!! It's a crazy ride I can tell you that! I also wanted to chime in on the school name. My name is Mercy and I will be graduating from Denver School of Nursing in 7 weeks (woo hoo). I think that would have been cool to graduate from a school named MSON...cheesy I know.
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    Thanks NurseMercy! I don't think that's cheesy, but probably because I'm a little cheesy too.

    UPDATE ON CLEP: I passed the Human Growth & Development CLEP this morning with a 68!
    Now I'm concerned that the transcript might not make it to MSON by Feb 1st......
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    That would have been cool for you Mercy! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation
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