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  1. 0 I moved down to Charlotte from NY in May this yr. It's very hard to get a job down here in the hospital. I have 4yrs experience in MS, PCU and tele. I have applied at Presbyterian like 15 times online no call or interview. I have also applied at CMC 16 times. It seems like down here it is based on who you know. Today I put in apps for Gastonia hospital which is like 35 miles away getting desperate! Anyone else having the same problem?
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    There is no nursing shortage presently in North Carolina and I have heard there is an absolute glut of nurses (especially new grad nurses) in the Charlotte area, as well as in the Triangle area.

    Have you tried applying to any of the SC hospitals? Also, have you tried visiting any of the units in person and requesting to see the nurse manager? Sometimes a "cold contact" works because having a "face" to connect to will set an applicant out from others in the stacks of resumes the nurse manager is receiving. You can also inquire about "volunteer" opportunities at the targeted hospital or unit of interest, just to get your foot in the door and to develop contacts.

    Best wishes to you
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    I started applying at CMC again. I got a couple of bites since I beefed up my resume with critical care experience. I was also having a hard time just getting an interview.
    I suggest to apply on the units with openings just to get your feet in the door. I think you may be able to transfer after 6 months to 1 year to another unit if you so choose.
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    There always seem to be vacancies at Gaston. Piedmont in Rock Hill is a big hospital. Have you tried there?
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    Try corrections if you don't get in the hospitals, I live and work in Charlotte and I like my job. Pay is good too, and work not too hard.

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