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ECU Alternative Entry MSN Program - Fall 2013

  1. 0 Hi!

    I was wondering if anyone was going to apply to ECU's Alt Entry MSN program this Fall for a Fall 2013 start!

    I originally was going to apply to Duke's program, but after a lot of research and deciding, I came to the conclusion that I couldn't justify $100,000 in loans with about $87,000 in private loans. I would imagine it would be an awesome experience and all, but I don't want to put myself in such a position with debt!

    I am returning to ECU this Fall to take my pre-requisites. I graduated from ECU last July with a BA in German and a minor in Art History, but I've decided to go back and become a RN, so I can become a CDE. It sounds like the Clinical Nurse Specialist concentration is the best for me.

    I know the application due date is kinda far away (December 1) but it would be nice to chat it up with others that are applying!
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    I checked their website, but couldn't find admission requirements or costs. Do you know where I would be able to find them? Also, is this a private university?
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    I'm applying too! I'm from Georgia, what is the campus and community like at ECU?

    I agree with you about Duke. I really wanted to apply there, but I felt the same about the hefty price tag, especially when I want to specialize.

    I'll be turning my application in soon, I'd rather get it out of the way!
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    I'm planning on applying as well. I got an email today from admissions saying they only accept 30 students a year. Yikes! Anybody decide whether to take the GRE or MAT?
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    That's not a lot...
    I took the GRE, the other school I applied to required it as well.
    You can find their admissions requirements on the graduate website for ECU. It's a little hard to find, but its there instead of the nursing website. And ECU is a public school!
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    Anyone else finish the application? I just got an email saying that my applicaton will be forwarded to the committee in another week or so.

    Also, anyone know if they are going to keep this exclusively for the residents of NC?
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    It is a beautiful campus. There is quite the community feel to it. I don't know much about the public transportation there, but everything seems within walking distance.

    Which concentration were you planning on doing?
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    Folks, I completed Phase I this summer (August 2012) and posted to the newcomers for this year asking a lot of the same questions you all are asking.

    Refer to the thread "ECU alternate entry MSN 2012" and many of your questions will be answered! Good luck to you all.
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    Steve, I don't think it is just in state students, there was someone posting about their out-of-state tuition, however I haven't seen a lot of information if you are out or state. I'm hoping to be able to do midwifery. How about you?
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    Okay so the deadline for the program is today. how are you guys feeling? What was your GPA and GRE score? I had to take the new one, I really don't think I'm in the 30th percentile like it says is require, being that I got 148 on one of the parts (not sure which b/c I haven't gotten my official scores yet). My GPA is about a 3.4, I'm really nervousabout the whole process
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    I am planning on doing the FNP. I think that is where a lot of the jobs are going to be! Besides, I really prefer primary care.
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    Has anyone heard the status of when we are supposed to find out?
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    I got a phone call yesterday to set up an interview January 7th. I had been told that I wouldn't hear anything about interviews until mid january.